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The Governing Body for Aquatic Sports in India

The Swimming Federation of India (SFI) is the central governing body for promotion and administration of swimming sport in India. The SFI is affiliated to FINA, the world governing body for the sport. SFI was formed after the amalgamation of its predecessors – the National Swimming Association (NSA) and the Indian Swimming Federation (ISF). The SFI was formed in 1948

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The Swimming Federation of India is a democratic organization with experienced office bearers to push aquatic sports in India to global heights. Elections are held once in 4 years

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Picture of Digambar Kamat

Digambar Kamat

Mr. Digambar Kamat is the President of the Swimming Federation of India

Picture of Kamlesh Nanavati

Kamlesh Nanavati

Mr. Kamlesh Nanavati serves as the Secretary of Swimming Federation of India

Picture of Virendra Nanavati

Virendra Nanavati

Mr. Virendra Nanavati serves as the CEO of Swimming Federation of India

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We are passionate about improving aquatic sports in India. We are constantly working towards improving the sport in the country. Partnerships with organisations like the Glenmark Aquatic Foundation will add to our efforts

Digambar Kamat


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